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My name is Andrew J. Simon and I have been a Cleveland divorce lawyer for over 35 years. I have extensive experience and am very knowledgeable in the divorce process. I know the laws regarding asset division, financial misconduct, child custody, child support and spousal support, and I am skilled at navigating the emotional aspects of divorce. I help clients navigate an amicable divorce, or in other cases, overcome their spouse’s controlling or aggressive natures. Emotions often become heightened in the divorce process. 

My entire career has been spent as a divorce lawyer in Cleveland, but I have represented clients in divorce cases throughout northeast Ohio. Not only have I represented clients in divorce cases in Cleveland and Cuyahoga County, but also in Medina County, Lake County, Summit County, Lorain County, and surrounding counties. Because of this experience, I have represented people before most of the current judges and magistrates in the area and I have experience with most all good divorce attorneys in the area.

I am skilled at amicably negotiating and, if the case requires, assertively litigating complex and difficult divorces. It is important to choose a divorce lawyer with this kind of experience. If you choose a divorce lawyer with the right skills and experience, the divorce attorney your spouse employs or will employ will be of less consequence.

I approach every client as unique. I evaluate your circumstances thoroughly. I get to understand your goals equally well and tailor my representation to your needs.

I prefer to communicate directly with clients. When you call or email, you will receive a response from me personally, not an assistant or a secretary.

The benefits of this approach are that:

  • I get to know who you are
  • I better understand what you wish to accomplish
  • You get a prompt and knowledgeable response to any questions which you may have
  • You obtain a high-quality result

If you have concerns regarding your spouse, your assets, your children, or issues of spousal support that you are uncertain your spouse will be fair with you, a divorce proceeding may be more appropriate as opposed to a mediation or dissolution.

Often it is unclear to individuals who are facing family difficulties and want to terminate their marriage or whose spouse wants to terminate the marriage whether to pursue a divorce proceeding, collaborative divorce, mediation, or dissolution as the first approach to terminating your marriage. I have the experience to understand when an amicable approach may or may not be the best first approach.

It is critical that you have an attorney on your side who has experience with a variety of common and uncommon divorce problems.

The first step is to call my office to schedule an appointment. At this initial meeting, I will advise you of the pros and cons of the various initial approaches and will begin to advise you of your rights and responsibilities. You and I will begin planning the goals of your case and how we may obtain your goals.

Once you have made the important decision to hire me, you can call me at (216) 525-8890 or email me at

It can feel difficult to know where to start when you want to hire a Cleveland divorce lawyer. You may be overwhelmed by your options and anxious to hire someone quickly, but it is important to take some time to research the Cleveland divorce lawyer who is right for your case. There are a few things you might want to consider when hiring a divorce lawyer:

  • What makes your situation unique? Hiring a divorce lawyer with experience and qualifications related to your specific situation will benefit you greatly. Experience and qualifications you might want to ask a lawyer about when you are considering hiring them include divorce with children, divorce with large assets, divorce with a family business, and divorce with large debts. If your divorce does not involve children and you and your spouse have somewhat simple finances, you may want to ask potential divorce lawyers if they have experience in options like an uncontested divorce or dissolution.
  • What kind of approach would you prefer? Some lawyers are known for their aggressive tactics while others prefer to amicably negotiate and collaborate with the other side. You should consider which type of approach you would prefer and which might be the best fit with your spouse’s divorce attorney. Some divorce lawyers are skilled at being both assertive and approachable based on the situation and the needs of the case. You should ask a potential divorce attorney how they prefer to approach a case and interact with the other spouse’s attorney.
  • Interview lawyers in person. The internet can be a great way to begin your research and learn a lot about the different divorce attorneys available in your area, but you will get the best sense of whether a lawyer is right for you if you meet them in person. You will want to be comfortable with your divorce attorney since you will be sharing a lot of personal information with them over the course of many months and will depend on them to achieve the best possible outcome in your divorce. You should ask to meet with a potential divorce lawyer in their office to outline the basics of your situation and hear how they would recommend approaching your divorce. You should strive to meet with more than one potential divorce lawyer so that you can compare your impressions and pick the best possible divorce lawyer for you.
  • Do not pick a divorce lawyer solely because of cost. Divorce is expensive, no matter which way you slice it. You may be tempted to pick a lawyer because they have quoted you a low rate, but you should consider that the old adage is true: you get what you pay for. Divorce attorneys with a lot of experience and expertise will likely charge more per hour, but you may end up saving money and headaches in the long run. An experienced divorce lawyer will be able to handle even complex issues in your case more efficiently than a lawyer with less experience. An experienced divorce lawyer will also be more knowledgeable about how to approach your divorce so that you are awarded a favorable amount of assets and, if applicable, alimony, child support, and child custody.

Divorce lawyers are paid for the time they work on your case. This is generally billed in increments of tenths of hours. My hourly rate is $350. Also, all good divorce attorneys will require a retainer which essentially is a down-payment towards the anticipated time for the attorney to work on your case and any costs of your case. After your initial interview with me I will quote to you the amount of the retainer as I will have a sense of the complexity and time necessary for your case.

Hiring a divorce lawyer requires thoughtful research and consideration. If you would like to learn more about how I can help with your case, you should start by calling my office to schedule an appointment. Call me at (216) 525-8890 or email me at I look forward to hearing from you.

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“I wholeheartedly recommend Andrew J. Simon for anyone seeking a divorce attorney who seamlessly combines legal acumen with genuine compassion. From our initial consultation to the final resolution of my divorce, Mr. Simon's dedication, expertise, and unwavering support made a profound impact on my...

Nelson Beckford

“best lawyer ever...would recomend him to use for everyone!!!!!!!!!!!”

Dawn Bruce

“Mr Simon was able to help our family when we needed him the most, we had a hard time finding someone that we could trust and he was there every step of the way. I will continue to depend on him for any of our legal needs and I would suggest him to anyone we know that could use his help!”

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